About Us


Access to the world’s information thrives online. OnlineGURU creates innovative ways to tap into this evolving resource, improve the quality of what you take in, and connect one another to a better way of attaining the knowledge, products and services you want.

Solving Problems on the Web

So much information, so little time? Not necessarily. Our Gurus effectively untangle the Web so that our online community gets the info it needs and the positive user experience it deserves. Our focus includes:

Simplifying Online Information

Having access to info is one thing. Getting what you need is another. That’s why we built a solution-minded team dead set on finding the most efficient and optimized ways to access useful information. It’s also why millions of users depend on our info-rich, user-centered Web sites. We scour the Web for you, filter through what’s relevant, then simplify our findings to bring you accurate content worth checking out.

Offering Quality Products and Services

We partner with companies that share our business values and passion for purpose. For our users, that means quality products and services. Not only do we find avenues that save our online community time and money, we leverage these partnerships to simplify our users’ lives. By combining the latest Web principles and technology with these top-notch products and services, we meet the ever-changing needs of the more than 60 million who use our sites.

Keeping Good Company

Our Guru family is the lifeblood of our company. Therefore, we fill our headquarters with those who value innovation, creativity, radiant health and optimal wellness. Beyond our doors, our extended family of partners also plays a vital role in OnlineGURU’s success. Here’s how we keep good company:

All in the Family

OnlineGURU got its start in 2003 when two brothers began building the company’s flagship site DMV.ORG. Since then, Raj and Ravi Lahoti have homegrown an impressive team of Gurus. As one unstoppable force, OnlineGURU has turned the original driver-focused directory into one of the most comprehensive automotive sites on the Web. Today their office buzzes with solution-minded, free-spirited and excitable Web enthusiasts who don’t stop at good enough. Think problem solving, free-flowing dialogue, self-expression and uninhibited high-fiving “heck yeahs.”

Beyond OG HQ

Our partners who live and work throughout the world make up the rest of our extended family. These include vendors offering valuable products and services, outside firms that help us streamline the current functions of the sites we publish and colleagues who sit with us at the forefront of technology’s frontier. We’ve partnered with these organizations because they share our passion for a positive user experience. Like us, they are improving the lives of the online community with technology, creativity and dedication.

Pushing the Limits

We believe we are playing a game worth winning—not only because our bottom line screams success, but also because the Web space affords us a place for personal growth, excitement, healthy competition and possibility beyond measure. Here’s why we want more:

Where We Are Going

On what we call The Path to Onlightenment, we’ll continue to operate our own domain names (and we have a lot). So far our brands have become household names—used by more than 60 million users per year—thanks to tremendous popularity in search. In fact, our flagship DMV.ORG ranks among the top 1,000 sites in the United States. DMV.ORG has become such a widely used resource that we'll use it as a model to develop the other top-tier domain names held by the company. For more information on the brands we're building, check out our product portfolio.

How to Get On Board

We don’t just work for a company; we are the company. We’ve taken the time to cultivate a culture that inspires and supports every Guru and makes the Web a better place. We’ve made an investment in one another, and we’d like to see our organization and our portfolio grow. If our values, our mission and our enthusiasm parallel yours, we’d love to hear more about you.

Our Mission

Simplifying your life. One site at a time.

Our Core Values

  • Creative - Contributes with an open, innovative and unique perspective
  • Decisive - Balances speed with perfection
  • Driven - Demonstrates self directed, solutions oriented energy to facilitate growth
  • Flexible - Embraces change with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Ethical - Acts with integrity, keeping the best interest of others in mind