Our Team


OnlineGURU boasts a unique mix of individuals. Each with their own flavor, these Gurus commonly see the Web as the coolest thing next to beach bumming. They office in Southern California, take their lunch as a team and push the limits of technology, creativity and communication on the daily. To get a feel for their innovative vibe, keep reading.

  • Ravi Lahoti


    Ravi Lahoti originally founded the DMV.org website in 1999 and spent 4 years proving it’s value and testing its efficacy. In 2003, he turned the website into a company to ultimately realize the success and true potential of his vision. Today, DMV.org has become one of the most visited online guides, ranked amongst the top 300 of all websites in the United States. DMV.org focuses on streamlining driving-related activities by bringing together nationwide DMV content into a centralized trusted information source.

    Having registered thousands of domain names by hand over the last 16 years long before it was popularized, Ravi envisioned the value for society at large through acquiring high leverage domain names.

    Ravi Lahoti has been named by many as the Nostradamus of the Internet for anticipating the future landscape of the Internet and it’s affect on people’s lives. Combining his huge heart and stellar mind, Ravi is committed to applying his creativity and vision to large scale ventures that work by adding value to society.

  • Raj Lahoti

    Co-Founder & CEO

    As cofounder and head of the pack, Raj Lahoti is the momentum behind OnlineGURU. His high-energy approach sets the company’s fast-paced direction toward optimal user experience. Developing innovative strategies and brainstorming new ideas rank at the top of this forward-looking Guru’s daily schedule. And with endless avenues of online opportunity, Raj promises to continue playing a big role in the web space for many more years to come. “The web has the ability to positively touch so many live and connect people in ways we never dreamt of. I especially love how it’s so dynamic, how it changes by the minute, and how just when you think you got it, another player comes along with something that changes the game,” Raj adds.

    Raj runs his company the way he lives his life—creatively, healthfully and mindfully. This alignment affords him the perspective of limitless possibilities. He’s etched a clear path for his company without being so rigid that his team lacks resilience and flexibility. Therefore, they stay rooted in what they’ve learned as a young company, while expanding beyond the boundaries of the latest web technology.

    At 31 years old, Raj is a seasoned online veteran. In fact, he started running his first website at age 14. Since then he has matured alongside the Internet immensely fascinated by the possibility it offers. “I’m inspired by the ways the web can positively touch so many lives and connect people in ways we never dreamt of,” Raj says. While he’s been no stranger to the challenges of this ever-changing online environment, Raj continues to use this platform as a means to sharpen his skills and expand as an individual.

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