OnlineGURU specializes in building unique web sites that help simplify the lives of our users.

We develop portal oriented sites that are very broad and comprehensive, for example DMV.ORG (Automotive Category). The intent and focus of these sites are to cover a broad number of unique content topics associated within the associated website category. Many of our visitors on these sites will visit multiple pages and spend a significant amount of time reading information and interacting with the web site.

By targeting numerous high growth website categories (Automotive, Search, Networking, Shopping, etc.) we have aligned ourselves to capitalize on the continued growth of these categories. Through this diversification and strategic alignment, OnlineGURU is well positioned for exponential growth in the years ahead.

DMV.ORG is The Unofficial Guide to the DMV in all 50 states. DMV.ORG provides simple information on how to take care of your DMV transactions through the motor vehicle department in your home state. In addition, the site offers information and services on all facets of your driving experience. From what forms to use, to how to register your car, to how to get great rates on your car insurance, DMV.ORG gives you all the details on all your auto-related needs.

United will be dedicated to helping users understand the key rights and responsibilities associated with American citizenship including voting, taxes, identity management, the judicial system, and the democratic process. In addition, the site will cover hundreds of complimentary content topics related to visiting, living, working, and enjoying the USA.