July 21, 2011


Teen Drivers Get the Down Low on Driver Licensing with DMV.ORGís New Section for First-Time Drivers

San Diego, Calif. July 21, 2011 -- Today DMV.ORG launched a new section for teen drivers to clear common roadblocks while applying for their first-time driverís license. Now teenagers in every state can easily access clear, accurate, DMV-related info using a driverís license checklist from their home computer or smart phones.

The checklist painlessly walks teens through the steps of taking drivers education, getting a learnerís permit, practicing behind the wheel and applying for a state driverís license. While most states use a graduated driverís license program, the requirements can be confusing and vary depending on age and experience. Thatís where DMV.ORGís newest section comes in. Teens can also take advantage of the Facebook application that allows for smooth integration with the social network.

Each step of DMV.ORGís new driverís license checklist fully covers the necessary details without leading teens down a dead-end road. It offers required fees and documents, drivers ed details and online courses, practice tests to prepare for the written permit exam, road test tips, how to make a DMV appointment and more. The coolest part of the checklist is that teens can register online with DMV.ORG to chart their progress, and see when other first-time drivers in their state complete a step. Each step earns these drivers a badge, and then advances them to the next task on the checklist.

DMV.ORG is published by OnlineGURU Inc. The companyís Product Manager Shane Hale, who works closely with this younger demographic, says teens want quick and easy answers to their driving-related questions. ďNobody wants to fish through endless pages of inconclusive information. Especially teens. Thatís why weíve designed this new gateway to valuable info that wonít confuse or bore them. Plus, it gives them one more cool way to use their iPhones,Ē Hale adds. Heís currently working on a new project to enhance online driverís license and learnerís permit practice tests.

One of the OnlineGURUís biggest goals is to establish a positive relationship with new drivers that will grow for decades to come. So far it has been quite successful at meeting driversí needs. Its flagship site DMV.ORG has been simplifying the lives of the online community since 1999. Today more than 60 million visitors per year turn to DMV.ORG for automotive information.

The company and its team of Gurus have many more initiatives lined up for the coming year. To keep up with its latest innovations, follow the OG Team and DMV.ORG on Twitter, or Like the Gurus and DMV.ORG on Facebook.